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Bible study plans for the New Year

Bible study plans for the New Yearfeatured

It’s the most wonderful-chaotic-and-stressful time of the year! Between Christmas shopping, school/dance programs, plans with family and friends, and the freezing cold that makes me just want to stay in bed, it’s the time of year when bible study becomes harder to fight for–when I tend to reach a lull in my time and in my motivation. If this Read more

Fall Workshop Recap

Fall Workshop Recapfeatured

If you missed the workshop last Saturday, here is the audio from our main session:   We looked at the big picture of the Bible story line, tracing the themes of light and darkness from Genesis to Revelation. (You can download the list of Bible references here.) And then we looked at four implications of Read more

the Gospel-centered woman

the Gospel-centered womanfeatured

The Gospel-centered woman believes that God is for her. She believes that Jesus is enough, that she is free from condemnation, and that she is in forever. As those beliefs take root in her heart, they start to feel like gratitude, confidence, and security. And as those roots grow and begin to bear fruit, they look Read more

7 Ways Weary Women Can Remember the Gospel

7 Ways Weary Women Can Remember the Gospelfeatured

I’ve been reflecting on Elyse Fitzpatrick’s book, Good News for Weary Women. She points out our tendencies to try to justify ourselves and to try to identify ourselves by our rule-keeping, and she calls women, again and again, to remember the Gospel. But sometimes just telling each other to “remember the Gospel” isn’t totally helpful. Read more