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To the Women saying “me too.”

To the Women saying “me too.”featured

Women all over the world are posting the words “Me too” on social media accounts. This movement is to give everyone a sense of the magnitude of people who have experienced sexual harassment or sexual assault. Through this, women are able to see they are not alone in what they experienced. Also, that what happened Read more

on Jen Hatmaker & women’s discipleship

on Jen Hatmaker & women’s discipleshipfeatured

A few weeks ago, popular author and speaker Jen Hatmaker shared her support of gay marriage, and the conversations that have followed raise some important issues regarding women’s discipleship, both inside and outside the local church. Here are two questions to consider in light of recent headlines: #1: What is your source and measure of Read more

Is God Punishing Me?

Is God Punishing Me?featured

This past Sunday I preached a difficult message from Hosea 9 and 10 on God’s judgment. In context, to the audience of the people of Israel, God promises destruction. Israel will reap judgment because they have sown sin and wickedness. The description of this destruction is tough to read and brings present day realities to Read more

Seize the Summer: Removing Barriers (part 4)

Seize the Summer: Removing Barriers (part 4)featured

Our last group of barriers to time in the Word includes: “Isn’t obedience and mission more important than head knowledge?” “I don’t really need to study, I just need to love.” “I don’t need theology, I just love God.” Let’s summarize this group as, “False Dichotomy.” As we’ve seen in our first three groups, it’s certainly Read more

Seize the Summer: Removing Barriers (part 3)

Seize the Summer: Removing Barriers (part 3)featured

Here’s our third group of barriers to time in the Word: “I connect with God in other ways.” “I don’t agree with everything the Bible says.” We’ll call these “Authority Issues.” In both of these cases, we have a low of view of the Bible. Maybe it’s not that you doubt the Bible’s authority, it’s just Read more

Seize the Summer: Removing Barriers (part 2)

Seize the Summer: Removing Barriers (part 2)featured

This is the second post in a series. See the first one here. I call this group of barriers: Disobedient, Undisciplined and/or Feeling Crazy: “I know I should, I just don’t.” “I don’t have time.” “I’m not a learner, not a morning person, not…” Before you think I’m being harsh, let’s start with the practical reality: life consists Read more

Seize the Summer: Removing Barriers (part 1)

Seize the Summer: Removing Barriers (part 1)featured

At our next workshop, we’ll consider what it looks like to be women whose lives are built on the Word of God, walking away with some tangible tools to dig into our Bibles over the summer. We are commanded to love God with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength (Luke 10:25-28). But when Read more

4 Reasons to Memorize Scripture

4 Reasons to Memorize Scripturefeatured

By Steph Haugen Scripture memory. What comes to mind when you think about these two words? I can visualize two camps of people reading this right now: one group excited, grabbing a pen and paper, maybe some coffee, to take notes. The other, muttering under their breath with a heaping dose of guilt because they don’t Read more

Missional Living

Missional Livingfeatured

By Jill Kandel I attended Shannon Moser’s breakout session which focused on the topic of Missional Living. Each member of the group, about twenty of us, introduced ourselves and Shannon gave us a handout called, “Everyday Being Missional.” She spoke about what it means to interact with people outside of the Christian sub-culture, the Christian Ghetto, Read more