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Help, I’m new here!

This seems to be the theme of the season I am in. In marriage, in home-ownership, and the position as Women’s Discipleship Director for River City Church. I, like many of you, feel the pains and sweetness with Kendra’s leaving from this position and my beginning. In the last year, she has been beside me through these seasons of new. I hurt over my good friend moving away and celebrate with Kendra for the adventure her family is headed into. I am encouraged by the ways she has equipped me to begin this role. I have learned much from her on a personal, and discipleship level, and feel more than grateful I am not being asked to fill her shoes, but to just wear my own. A few specific examples of where I feel I have grown from Kendra are in the knowledge of understanding how to study the Word of God well, in the practice of showing compassion and mercy to others, and in viewing Christ as our ultimate source of identity and then example. Through taking on this position, I am looking forward to continuing to grow as a woman within River City church. As well as anticipating the work I will do in the areas of connection, care, discipleship, and creating opportunities for women to use their gifts within our church. I feel blessed to have a church home where there is a role distinctly for the care of women.

I grew up a strong-willed, small-town girl five miles outside of Sidney, Montana. I do not feel new to Fargo after my living here has totaled 5 years. Yet, I still notice myself desiring more open spaces and less cement than I am surrounded by in this city. I enjoy cozy down time with a book or movie, but also have a great love for being outdoors and active. My husband, Brock Larson, and I were married last August. More than any of my other hobbies, I enjoy my relationship with him. I am grown, and receive joy daily from who Brock is, and how he cares for me.

My current fulltime job is as a manager of a CrossFit gym, CrossFit Fargo. I love my work. My favorite part is the opportunity my role as a coach gives me in empowering others daily. I love seeing the potential in another and inviting them to try new things, especially when they are convinced they are unable. It is a place where I get to walk beside people in their perseverance of pursuing new skills, abilities, goals, and mind sets. Then, help them to create plans for how to get there. I enjoy CrossFit and see value in the areas it enhances growth. It is easy to see what that means for physical strength, but my passion is for how it affects our health physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

I have a genuine, natural love for people. I tend to instantly care for and about others. I find it natural to develop friendships with 5-year-olds as well as 55-year-olds and all ages above, below, and in between. In my life, I am continually trying to put to death fear, anxiety, my impatient reactions, and the way I follow in the footsteps of Adam and Eve in passing blame to others for my sin. I have learned the hard way, when we follow the god of our feelings, we are chasing after wind. Which leads me to daily desire growing to know God more through the truths provided in the Bible. I desire depth, in relationships, care, conversations, learning, and understanding.

My greatest hope coming into the position as Women’s Discipleship Director is to know the women of our church more and serve you well. I am interested in learning the areas I can come beside you in growing your affections for Jesus. If we have not yet had the chance to meet, I hope we soon do. Please feel free to find ways to reach out or connect with me, as I continue to pursue meeting you. You can also use this link to our River City Women’s website as a way to share parts of your story and help me to understand areas you may desire to use your gifts to serve our church.

Joyfully Yours,
Katie A. Larson

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Katie Larson

Katie is the current Women's Discipleship Director at River City Downtown. She and her husband Brock Larson lead and host a Missional Community in their home.

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