Psalm 34 Challenge

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Psalm 34 Challenge

The Challenge: Memorize Psalm 34

The aim behind River City Women memorizing Psalm 34 is to grow in the truths we know about the Lord and to grow our love for Him, as a way to encourage others and to bring Him glory. By storing His word in our hearts and minds we are able to reference scripture and be reminded of God’s goodness at any time and in any situation.

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We will gather together the morning of December 9th to share, celebrate, and encourage one another with what we’ve learned.
Details to be announced.


Method for Memorizing

Once/Week or Once/2 Weeks


  • Read the full chapter.
  • Meditate on what it is saying. What truths are found in this chapter?
  • Read the chapter out loud several times.
  • Pray about what you are learning in the text, how it is relevant in your life, or for help in applying these truths in your life.
  • Read the first verse 10 times. Close your book and say it 10 times.
  • On the next day, say the first verse, 5 or 10 times. Read the second verse 10 times. Close your book and say it 10 times. Then do that for both verses together.
  • Repetition and Review


  • Memorizing in the morning and reciting verses before bed is proven to be helpful.
  • Write the chapter out. Take what you’ve written with you in your purse or car, to look over when you have free time, when you’re waiting for something, or on your lunch break.
  • Repeat frequently.
  • Memorize the words perfectly; this makes it easier to memorize, review, and gives you more confidence in sharing your verses.
  • By focusing hard on the first two words of the verse, they will eventually help you recall the rest of the verse. Once you have the reference and first two words committed to memory, add the rest of verse phrase by phrase.
  • Find a partner who will listen to you recite your verses. It is important to say the words out loud.



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