We Have Seen His Glory {John 1:1-18}

We Have Seen His Glory {John 1:1-18}featured

If you are tracking with our John schedule, we have spent the past few weeks getting a broad overview of the book, looking up the background information, and answering the Introduction Study Questions (found in the workbook available here). This past week we have been in John 1:1-18. If you’re behind, you’re not alone. Grace, grace, Read more

Women’s Workshop 10/15/16: Details

Women’s Workshop 10/15/16: Detailsfeatured

The Women’s Workshop is an opportunity to gather as women to worship God and learn together from His Word. Join us Saturday, October 15th at River City Downtown for breakfast, music, teaching, breakout sessions, and discussion. Registration is free. Women from River City Downtown and Southwest are invited to attend, and guests are welcome. Click here to register. Read more

3 resources to help you study John

3 resources to help you study Johnfeatured

I hope you have been reading through John these past couple of weeks and are beginning to get a feel for the flow of the book. Today marks the beginning of week 3, where we will continue our broad overview read-through and end by reading the intro in a study bible and answering the introduction Read more


Getting Started in Johnfeatured

I hope you will join us in studying John together this year! We will use this blog as a home base for staying on track, sharing additional resources, and reflecting on what we are learning. (Sidenote: If you are planning to participate and have a knack for writing, please fill out this form! I’d love Read more

Bible Study Wrap-Up: What’s Next

Bible Study Wrap-Up: What’s Nextfeatured

I’m grateful to have studied Philippians with many of you this summer. I hope and pray that your study was encouraging and helped you grow in your love for God and your desire for His Word. Whether you did the study, struggled with it, studied well on your own, or feel like the summer was Read more

The Servant’s Attitude {4:10-23}

The Servant’s Attitude {4:10-23}featured

This week, Alison Vetter wrapped up our teaching through Philippians looking at the Servant’s Attitude. You can listen below. We also passed out these reflection questions to help you reflect on your study of Philippians. Any who have participated in this study with us (whether on Monday nights or on your own, even if only Read more


The Prescription for Joy {4:2-9}featured

Last week, Michelle Heitland showed us Paul’s prescription for joy in Philippians 4:2-9. If you missed it, the audio is below. {Please note: the audio does not start until about 1 minute into the recording.} http://s3.amazonaws.com/churchplantmedia-cms/river_city_church/8-1-16.mp3


Press on & Stand firm {3:12-4:1}featured

Paul calls the Philippians to press on in pursuit of vertical growth, and to stand firm, resisting horizontal pressure. If you missed it, you can catch up with the audio below: http://s3.amazonaws.com/churchplantmedia-cms/river_city_church/womens-workshop-audio-20160725.mp3

Examples, Warnings, & End Goals {2:19-3:11}

Examples, Warnings, & End Goals {2:19-3:11}featured

Last week, Steph Haugen shared with us from Philippians 2:19-3:11. You can listen to the audio below. There are just a few weeks left in Philippians, but it is not too late to jump in if you want to practice the inductive study method with us! http://s3.amazonaws.com/churchplantmedia-cms/river_city_church/7-18-16.mp3

Indicatives & Imperatives {Phil. 2:1-18}

Indicatives & Imperatives {Phil. 2:1-18}featured

Last week, we looked at Philippians 2:1-18 and discussed three indicatives and imperatives: You are united to Christ, therefore be unified in love. You have the mindset of Christ, therefore be courageously humble. God is at work in you, therefore be joyfully content. You can listen to the audio here: http://s3.amazonaws.com/churchplantmedia-cms/river_city_church/7-11-16-wbs.mp3